Home wishlist

We’ve been in our new home for nearly nine months and now that we are more settled there are a few upgrades I’d love to make.


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.51.14 pm

As extra chairs these beauts would do the job (from John Lewis). Our current chairs for the office and  my dressing table fold away which is ideal but they aren’t super comfy and the one I use daily at my dressing table is a tad broken.

I have my eye on adding a couple of these to our flat – one for the bedroom and one for our office and there are much cheaper dupes on ebay and the like.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.05.44 pm

Image found on PINTEREST

We have a fair share of free standing shelves around the flat but there is something about that screams RENTING to me and we are homeowners. I really want to fit some shelving in the office.


Some of the flooring in our flat drives me potty. I cannot bear our bedroom flooring – on a really basic level it is uncomfortable with bare feet and where do you have bare feet if not in your bedroom.


When we first moved into together we had a tiny Ikea flat pack sofa, second hand, and a bit mouldy from being stored in a garage. And in addition to that we bought a giant Ikea corner sofa from Gumtree. Don’t get me wrong that sofa has been great, it’s big enough for loads of people and comfy enough for people to sleep over on.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.22.14 pm
The current giant, dirty sofa

All that being said it has a really low back and gets filthy like nobodies business And I am now dreaming of this sofa below – blue velvet. Beautiful.Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.29.44 pm

It’s from Made.com and will probably never make it into our home as it’s ‘typical highstreet’ price is £2,500 and who has that kind of money!

Wish List – Clothes

I’m trying, trying trying to drop another dress size before we get hitched in the summer. Which means trying not to shop too much until I am the size I will be for July, else I’ll only get to wear the clothes for a little little while.

If I were shopping furiously, whole-heartedly I would be buying some ( or all) of the following beauts (which seem to be mostly from ASOS):


Don’t judge too harshly, but I think I’d like to try rocking some Flares again.


Little bit in love with this Crop Top and it comes in THREE colours!

I am in love with this Dress. I have some hen dos to go to this year and I would love love love to don this for one of them (I must not eat biscuits… I must not eat biscuits..).


What I can do whilst I am downsizing myself (half a stone to go) is buy shoes  and I’m dreaming of summer so I can where Sandals like these.


This week I am loving…

Ankle boots

I am now the proud owner of this lovely pair from H&M and their are super comfy and cosy.



One of the most awesome birthday gifts my  parents have given are this pair of Nike BlazersNike Blazers

Coco Mademoiselle


My very very favourite perfume in the whole wide world (darn that expensive taste).

I bought a new supply, with the help of some unspent birthday vouchers for the House of Fraser.