Cloth nappies are reusable, so do.

Stating the obvious in the title but bear with me.

I’m selling some cloth nappies, and they have been used. Heck, some of them I bought secondhand too! But now that our eldest is potty training we don’t need a full stash for two kids, and the space freed up is no bad thing either.

But my mother, and I’m sure she’s not alone in this, thinks it’s a tad gross to buy or sell used nappies.

Erm… they are reusable, guys.

Yes, we wanted to use cloth to save some pennies but also we wanted to save the thousands of plastic based, chemical filled disposable nappies that diapering our children would have created.

But why would I throw away cloth nappies when we are done with them? Where would they go if not into that same mound of rubbish we all would much rather ignore. I don’t like thinking about it either.

But I also strongly feel it’s our responsibility to look after this planet.

Cloth nappies can be hot washed, and then they are good for another squishy bottom, that’s the beauty of them.

So yep, I’m selling them as and when we’re done with them. Sorry, I’m not sorry, and it’s not because we are hard up.