Kew Gardens

Autumn. I bloomin’ love it. I know I’ve mentioned that before.

I love the changing leaves. Apparently I love travelling into central London to see some changing of the leaves. Because last Monday that’s what we did, and it was such a lovely afternoon, wandering around Kew gardens.

Green house goals! The Palm House was amazing! You can climb up to a raised level to look over the palms. I married a scaredy-cat so we stayed on the ground.
Obligatory selfie
Awesome autumn colours
These giant lily pads were beautiful. Felt a bit sorry for some of them! People had been throwing coins in, and some of them had tears in them. People are weird.
No but seriously look at those colours
Persistent drake
The Hive

The Hive was pretty cool. I imagine it is at it’s best when the meadow flowers are in bloom.

Inside the Hive.

Some things to note:

Take the free map, you will need it, it’s a big old space, with lots of different areas to explore.

The amazing Evolution House is currently closed for a massive restoration project and will remain closed until 2018. It is the largest surviving victorian glasshouse and the restoration project (if completed on time) will take five years in total.  It was a shame not be able to look around this awesome building but I guess we will just have to go back.

You can picnic here. You do not need to buy lunch on site. We didn’t plan ahead and spent over £20 on some sandwich and drinks. Learn from my mistake folks.

I’d love to visit again in spring to see the blooms start. If you get the chance I’d totally recommend a wander around, there are loads of details about how, when, where and how much on the Kew website.

Do you have any recommendation for UK spots I should check out? Are you a garden wanderer or a national trust fan?

Review: Lunch at the Darwin Brasserie

I’ll start with an apology. I arrived so late to meet Charlotte, I failed at trains, and I am sorry Charlotte!

There was a bit of a queue to get in the building initially, as you have to pass through security, a bag scanner and body scanner.

Now on to the restaurant (and the building). When I arrived I was quickly shown to our table and offered a drink. Yes, I did take part in some lunchtime drinking with a couple of glasses of prosecco.

We skipped straight to mains, I had the tomato and basil gnocchi (with a side of fries! Yum!), which was delicious, and stuffed. I don’t think I’ve come across stuffed gnocchi before, but I’d like to again. Charlotte, being a meat eater, had the chopped chicken and avocado salad and reported it to be good.

Then dessert, of course we had dessert. It is the whole reason for eating out. That and seeing my lovely friend of course. I opted for the chocolate bar with raspberry sorbet and Charlotte had the prettiest rhubarb swiss roll I have ever seen. They were both delicious.


Whilst we were there the clouds broke and the view was pretty spectacular.  I didn’t take any pictures of the restaurant, you’ll have to snoop at tripadvisor for those. It’s decor was great, didn’t feel too upmarket that it wasn’t suitable for lunch but we both said it would be an amazing place to go for a special occasion dinner in the evening. The dress code in the evening is a little stricter according to their website.


You can only book a month in advance, and they do take card details in case of a last minute cancellation (which you’d be charged £25 per person for) but I would throughly recommend a visit. Once you are in, you can also take in the view out, and snoop around the sky garden (which you also have to book to visit. No popping up if you happened to be passing).

Have you been to the Sky Garden? Or have any other restaurants you’d recommend I try?