6 Months in – What I’ve found useful

Edie is actually already 7 months old, how that has happened I can’t quite work out. I know people warn you that time goes quickly when your children are young but I didn’t understand.

I thought I would reflect on the baby bits I bought and have actually used and would recommend.

Nursing pillow/cushion

Wow. You spend so much time feeding in those early months, that being hands free to eat or have a drink, or browse on your phone is a real life saver. If your babe is anything like ours, you could find they end up napping where they fed, so having your hands is pretty handy!

Giant Swaddle Muslins

These things are so blooming useful! They are, obviously, a swaddle but also a play mat, a blanket, a muslin when you run out or forget, a change mat, a nursing cover when you are finding your feeding way and now a bib in a ‘Why haven’t I packed a bib?!’ moment.

Reusable Wipes

We were recommended to use cotton wool and water to start… that stuff goes everywhere. And then tried WaterWipes… sorry how much money for a disposable wipe with mostly water?!! Cheeky wipes were recommended by some friends and they have been amazing. You definitely could set up reusable wipes without using a ‘brand’ but as a new parent I just didn’t have the energy to look into it. We haven’t bought any more disposable wipes for the last four months, that’s a lot of money saved and a lot of wipes not going to landfill (insert my smug face).


I bought a job lot of white cotton flannels before Edie was born (maybe 12/14 or so) with the idea that we’d need them for bath time, and help cleaning up any really mucky poops. Well, we didn’t use them for bottoms in the end, but they have really come into their own since we started offering food at around 20 weeks old. I try to have a damp flannel next to me during Edie’s meals, so I can mop her face , hands and tray at the end. She also loves chewing on a cold wet flannel on a bad teething day!


If you have a baby that doesn’t like sitting or gets bored of being held, i.e. just wants to stand up alllllll the time, I cannot recommend a Jumperoo thing enough. I woudn’t bother spending money on a brand new one. There are so so many available on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.


When the nights are cold, and your little wriggler keeps getting chilly because they have kicked their blankets off, sleeping bag really come into their own. We have been gifted some and I’ve bought a couple from eBay. Again, you really don’t need to spend on brand new unless you are keen too.

Teethers and dribble bibs

If you get given these before babe arrives or just after pack them away for the next 12 weeks or so. If you don’t get gifted any, I wholeheartedly recommend a Matchstick Monkey and Sophie La Girafe (I don’t know why but babies do seem to totally love her).

What else did you find useful? And what might I find helpful for next few months?