New Job

I am starting a new role at a new company next week and I am really looking forward to it.

I’d hoped to stay at my most recent role for a good long while but realised it wasn’t a good fit. Sad to leave, as the team there are great, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Or I’ve got to, in this case.


It’s in a different field of ‘creative’ than I have worked in before, but still admin/support based. I’m really looking forward to learning more about the industry and being part of my new team. Wish me luck!


It really is about as much fun as it sounds. Once I was around my third week of job hunting and spending the majority of my days motivating myself I had gained a little more understanding of how hard it can be.

It’s a big change to go from seeing your little team of colleagues everyday, and having a set routine, to having the freedom and challenge to plan it all.

I was very fortunate so as my family and in-laws were super lovely in keeping me busy with weekly invitations to do things, such as visiting the South of England Show.

I knew I would find it harder to find work than my developer colleagues. Their skills are in demand in Brighton and all three found new jobs in the first few weeks. The Admin side of things is much more competitive, as there are lots of talented people with transferable admin skills. I was sensible and spent each day checking jobs boards for roles that interest me, I also accepted all advice and suggestions made to me. I wanted to be in work. I wanted to be useful.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 13.28.13
Upside of being frugal and having free time: enjoying more of Brighton’s parks.

One of the the things that I had found frustrating was the suggestion to ‘sign on’. I didn’t want to claim Job Seekers Allowance if I could possibly help it, I had some savings – yes they were for a trip we are planning for next spring to the USA but that could wait. I feel that benefits should go to those who need them, not people like me, who should have been able to manage. But my savings were small, and new, and not the recommended three months worth of bills and mortgage payments I’ve now read as the right amount to always have set aside.

Past Laura was frivolous with money and I am quite frustrated with her.

Future financial plans include learning from my past mistake and setting aside a emergency fund, to help if I or Jack is ever in a similar position again, though I really hope not!

The good news is: I have just started a new job at Liquid Light, so wish me luck!

What advice would I give to you, myself or anyone who wants some:

  • Have some savings for emergencies
  • Try to set yourself a routine – you will get back to work and you don’t want it to be a shock.
  • Set yourself goals for applications, even if it’s just one or two per day.
  • Vary your search terms and read the job details thoroughly, there might be exactly what you are looking for, just under a slightly different job title.
  • Accept help: if someone wants to recommend you, say yes. If someone wants to pass on your details, say yes.
  • Know your rights and apply for what you are owed as soon as possible.

The process of getting redundancy compensation via National Insurance in hindsight was quite quick, but waiting for the initial payment was painful and I am glad I had my savings to fall back on.

Have you been unemployed before? How did you find it? What advice would you give someone?

I’m redundant but it’s not all bad

Those aren’t words I ever thought I would be writing. Maybe “I’ve got a new job” but not the business I have worked for for five years is not going to exist.

After the initial shock last week I have been trying to think about the positives:

  1. Change can be good.
  2. In the meantime I can work out more, get outside more. (Thank goodness it’s summer!)
  3. I’ve had a really lovely reference from my director, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my lovely little team.
  4. Our flat will probably be very tidy over the next few weeks.

I’ve also been trying to think of things to fill my time with, because there is surely only so much sitting at home a person can do before they succumb to madness. My plans currently include:

  1. A daily gym visitScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.22.04 pm
  2. A daily afternoon walkScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.20.42 pm
  3. Seeing if I can temporarily volunteer at one of the charity shops near me, hopefully Shelter or Cancer Research.
  4. Working on this hear blog – get ready for some “living on a tight budget” posts!
  5. And obviously seeking gainful employment.

So that’s my positive outlook for the moment. I’ll let you know how I get on, and what I get up to. If you have any advice for me, it is most welcome!

Year One

It has been just over a year since I started my full time employment, and it has gone by so fast.

When I initially joined the company I was busy keeping my fingers crossed that I might at least meet a few nice people, gain some experience working within a new environment and hopefully get a good reference after my month long placement was over.

I am still so thankful that they offered me a full time position, as now I can see a clearer path forward.

The thing that makes me the proudest since joining the team is the role I played in our office move, and I am still so pleased that it went as smoothly as it did. (Lists, it’s all about the lists.)

Now I am hoping to gain more experience in managing small projects and learn about the processes involved in seeing a project through from start to launch.