Being used a Catfishing bait

So weird one I thought I would share with you. A guy got in touch with me to let me know someone has been using my publicly available images to Catfish people, including him.

What the heck is Catfishing?


So I prefer the first definition, but the one about luring people into a relationship by creating a fictional online character seems to be what’s gone on.

Now then. My initial reaction was “I don’t believe you” so I asked for links and how long it had been going on. He said it’s all been taken down and it had been going on for quite a while. So I am now left a little perplexed.

Was someone using my photos? Do I need to do anything about it now? I don’t know. I enjoy using instagram, not only for browsing and seeing what other people have been up to, but also to share and that includes my own face. I feel bad if anyone has been hurt, but it wasn’t my actions or choices that caused that hurt.

So for now I am going to carry on sharing as I share, and just politely ask: please don’t use my face. It’s mine, I grew it myself (with the genetic help of my parents), and I don’t like to think that it is being used in a dishonest way, because I am not dishonest.

Stay safe out there, on and off line.

New Job

I am starting a new role at a new company next week and I am really looking forward to it.

I’d hoped to stay at my most recent role for a good long while but realised it wasn’t a good fit. Sad to leave, as the team there are great, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Or I’ve got to, in this case.


It’s in a different field of ‘creative’ than I have worked in before, but still admin/support based. I’m really looking forward to learning more about the industry and being part of my new team. Wish me luck!



Yes, I’m one for New Year’s resolutions. I rarely manage to keep to them through the year but I love setting out with good intentions and don’t worry too much that they don’t stick the whole twelve months.

This year I hope to:

Get involved

  • See more of my friends and say yes more
  • Get involved with the Brighton Belles WI
  • Get crafty


  • Put together a reading list of 12 books I want to read this year and manage one a month

Be healthy

  • Exercise
  • Pack lunches
  • Be mindful of my choices

Mind the pennies

  • Think about my priorities before spending
    • Savings
    • Travel
    • Paying off our car etc.

This year is just another year, but a new year is as good an excuse as any to set yourself new goals and challenges. What are your resolutions?


Home is where my heart is

It’s no secret that I am a homebody. I love being in my own space and I spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about how I can make our flat more homely.

There are a few spots and things around our home that I am a bit in love with at the moment and I thought I’d share them, if only to serve as a reminder for myself the next time I wonder about updating things.

Our Drinks trolley


This trolley was in my parents home; my mum found it in a second hand store back in the 80s. It’s been in their dining room as a side board, and in their hall as a table and now it’s joined us. We use it to store our wine glasses and spirits. On top there is a lamp that I’ve ‘borrowed’ from my mum and some famed bits, including a family portrait of my great grandparents and my grandfather as a little boy.

Eames Style Chairs


The collection is growing a little; it started with a white DSW from Jack, and was more recently added to with this White DAW and a Padded RAR Rocker. I think, if you are curious, they are all from Lakeland Furniture.

Our Dining Table


When we moved in together a few years ago, it was around my birthday and my mum asked me what I would like. I said some money towards a table and chairs. Instead she took my to Home from Home store in Haywards Heath and let me choose a set. I love the kind of country kitchen chairs and tables, that you can probably find in so many people’s home.

My Dressing Table


It is my favourite of my gumtree finds, and maybe the most expensive (I think it was around £90) and I am very grateful to Jack for going to collect this, and all the other bits I’ve spotted on gumtree over the last two years. The Eames style chair was a birthday present from Jack last year.

Our BedroomBedroom

After some headboard switches (via gumtree, yes I know! Again!) I’ve finally found one that I am happy with. Our divan bed was a wedding present from Jack’s parents, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to add a headboard to the cost at the time. Beds are pricey!

My favourite winter linen is woodland creatures in white and grey from Primark, and our waffle throw from John Lewis. Yes, that hot water bottle is useless, it’s so small! If only *someone* would get a me a grownup sized one for Christmas…

I cannot wait to get out all the Christmas decorations next weekend. I’ve just about managed to hold off on decorating too early. I know some people go full on in November, but I think Jack would disown me.

Do you have your decorations up yet? Or are you waiting for December patiently too?

Kew Gardens

Autumn. I bloomin’ love it. I know I’ve mentioned that before.

I love the changing leaves. Apparently I love travelling into central London to see some changing of the leaves. Because last Monday that’s what we did, and it was such a lovely afternoon, wandering around Kew gardens.

Green house goals! The Palm House was amazing! You can climb up to a raised level to look over the palms. I married a scaredy-cat so we stayed on the ground.
Obligatory selfie
Awesome autumn colours
These giant lily pads were beautiful. Felt a bit sorry for some of them! People had been throwing coins in, and some of them had tears in them. People are weird.
No but seriously look at those colours
Persistent drake
The Hive

The Hive was pretty cool. I imagine it is at it’s best when the meadow flowers are in bloom.

Inside the Hive.

Some things to note:

Take the free map, you will need it, it’s a big old space, with lots of different areas to explore.

The amazing Evolution House is currently closed for a massive restoration project and will remain closed until 2018. It is the largest surviving victorian glasshouse and the restoration project (if completed on time) will take five years in total.  It was a shame not be able to look around this awesome building but I guess we will just have to go back.

You can picnic here. You do not need to buy lunch on site. We didn’t plan ahead and spent over £20 on some sandwich and drinks. Learn from my mistake folks.

I’d love to visit again in spring to see the blooms start. If you get the chance I’d totally recommend a wander around, there are loads of details about how, when, where and how much on the Kew website.

Do you have any recommendation for UK spots I should check out? Are you a garden wanderer or a national trust fan?


Last week I turned 29! It’s an odd mix of being aware I’m still super early on in life and also a growing sense of ‘don’t leave things late’.

This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday, so I had day at work with my new team and they were lovely. They club in and gave me an awesome Vitamin E set from The Body Shop, which I have been using daily since. We also went for a team lunch at The Prince George, which was YUM as always!


Jack’s birthday is the same week, so on Friday night we took ourselves to 64 Degrees for a birthday dinner. It didn’t quite meet my expectations of a restaurant ranked #10 of 815 restaurants in Brighton. I was pretty disappointed not to be sat at the bar, where you watch the chefs work, but was told they set people there who request it on their booking! Had I known that I probably would’ve mentioned it when I booked back in July… Tip for you all there. I also suffered from assuming I would be next to a kitchen and was in fact next to an open door, on one of the first chilly evenings of September.

Food wise, I would go again, but I would probably go on a week night, to avoid birthday parties and hen dos.

On Saturday, we had some drinks with our friends at the Northern lights and then went dancing at Casablanca, where the band was awesome (Black Velvet) and we danced til 2:30am, I think… I wouldn’t have described myself as coherent at that stage.

I’ll probably avoid drinking that much for a little while. 6am on Sunday I thought I was dying.

Autumn is approaching

I can’t wait.

Please, I know, you hate me a bit for wishing away summer. But try to understand.

September means

  • My birthday and frankly that’s something you should all be looking forward to!
  • Jack’s Birthday. I’m biased, but he’s awesome.
  • And this year we are going to BBC Radio 2 live in Hyde Park. I’m pretty darn excited about seeing Elton John, Madness, Gregory Porter and Travis and more.
Madness! Cannot wait, after seeing their set at Glastonbury on the box!
Madness! Cannot wait, after seeing their set at Glastonbury on the box!

October means

  • Boots, jumpers and scarves! Bring on the knitwear and the layers.
  • Sunday Roasts. I like salads, but really not as much as a veggie roast on a chilly day!
  • Seeing Jamie Lawson (again, he’ll be at BBC Radio 2 Live)
  • Halloween. What’s not to love? (unless you believe it’s related to worshipping satan, which I don’t)
Last year's carving effort
Last year’s carving effort

November means

  • Seeing Bears Den
  • A trip to Denmark; we’ve booked such a gorgeous hotel!
This is the lobby - I might never want to leave...
This is the lobby – I might never want to leave…
  • Bonfire night. I love fireworks. More than I probably should, the environmentalist part of me screams “This is wasteful!”, but a stronger part stares in complete awe.
This year we're hoping to go to the Sussex Cricket Firework's evening
This year we’re hoping to go to the Sussex Cricket Firework’s evening


Don’t get me wrong, summer is great, but once my holiday is out of the way, and I am watching other people enjoy it whilst I work, I could happily skip to layers and falling leaves.

Are you an Autumn lover, or are you clinging on to the last few weeks of Summer?

‘Are you having a baby?’

Well then folks. That’s a question I’ve heard a lot in the past year. I wasn’t prepared for it.

Even these cute bears are upset by the question. (Available on Not on the highstreet)

Jack and I got married last July, and the number of people who have taken that as license to openly ask about our plans or lack there of for a family took me by surprise.

I am guilty of it too; in my younger days I excitedly made jokes at weddings about how soon we might all hear from the newlyweds about broodiness and babies. But I’ve long since learnt my lesson – don’t ask. If someone wants to talk to me about their hopes for their future family and their plans then they will.

Even my own brother has asked me TWICE in the last week if I am pregnant. No. I have simply been, and apparently obviously, tucking into too much ice-cream, or had a large lunch. (Which did prompt me to work a bit harder at the gym yesterday and today!)

My personal opinion on this is don’t ask, people will share news if they want to or have any. Asking in certain circumstances could even been hurtful, if a couple is struggling with fertility issues, or simply have alternative life plans that don’t include children.

Myself: I have more immediate plans, like enjoying living in central Brighton, and going out for dinner or to the flicks without forward planning. And getting some more long haul holidays out of the way! I’d say ask me again in a couple of years, but don’t. If I have news I want to share, I will.

I’m redundant but it’s not all bad

Those aren’t words I ever thought I would be writing. Maybe “I’ve got a new job” but not the business I have worked for for five years is not going to exist.

After the initial shock last week I have been trying to think about the positives:

  1. Change can be good.
  2. In the meantime I can work out more, get outside more. (Thank goodness it’s summer!)
  3. I’ve had a really lovely reference from my director, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my lovely little team.
  4. Our flat will probably be very tidy over the next few weeks.

I’ve also been trying to think of things to fill my time with, because there is surely only so much sitting at home a person can do before they succumb to madness. My plans currently include:

  1. A daily gym visitScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.22.04 pm
  2. A daily afternoon walkScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.20.42 pm
  3. Seeing if I can temporarily volunteer at one of the charity shops near me, hopefully Shelter or Cancer Research.
  4. Working on this hear blog – get ready for some “living on a tight budget” posts!
  5. And obviously seeking gainful employment.

So that’s my positive outlook for the moment. I’ll let you know how I get on, and what I get up to. If you have any advice for me, it is most welcome!

Weekend Wanderings

This weather lately… I’ve been loving it. We have been able to nip out for some gorgeous wanders nearly every weekend for the last month (keeping the biscuit/walking balance right).

So where have we been? Let me tell you.

In and around Horsted Keynes

So I’m biased, because this is where Jack and I are from but there are so many lovely, and easy walks around our “home town” village. And I would thoroughly recommend you have a nosey at them. You can do a massive loop and then end up back on the village green, for a delish pub lunch at one of the two pubs. The Green Man is my favourite. Though if you are us, which you’re not, you could go for a sneaky *free* Sunday roast at your in-laws.


Lewes to Glynde and back

This was a longer walk, with a lunch stop in the middle at the Trevor Arms. It was I think around 4 hours of walking in total, and quite up hill and down dale ( is that the right word?). It was so beautiful, but I actually didn’t take any photos as I totally forgot to take a charged camera with me. The pub you can get to via train if you don’t fancy the long walk, and it was an amazing veggie roast – I want to go again! Also Glynde might be one of the prettiest places I have been recently!

Photo stolen for my lovely friend Jon (in the hat) who planned the whole awesome day. Thanks Jon!


The South Downs

I wouldn’t even know where to to start with the South Downs – there are so many amazing walks you can go on round them, along them, up and down. We, when feeling lazy, like to drive up to Devil’s Dyke and walk along the top. Before we had a car, we took advantage of the bus route that heads out there – I think there is even an open top one if you are feeling brave or it’s glorious weather.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.06.45 pm

If you want to give a walk around sussex a go, there is loads of information online – the power of google. Check out circular walks here to start you off.