Working out working out

Learning what works for me in terms of exercise and what fails miserably is an ongoing, and probably never ending challenge.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.20.54 pm

What I have learnt lately is:

  • I cannot bring myself to go to the gym every day. 4 to 5 days in my maximum.
  • I need to stretch more.
  • Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness is a real thing, not a fictional thing I used to believe when Jack would talk about it. I wasn’t working out very hard then.
  • I enjoy weightlifting. Small small weights, but it’s a start.
  • I need to plan my workouts and what I need for them in advance. Forgetting your water bottle is death!
  • Not feeling good can turn into feeling great after a workout is finished.

Now if I can just refer back to this, I’ll probably do ok!

What do you find helps get you to the gym, or out for your run?

Resolutions – How’s it going?

So folks – it’s the end of January! How the frick did that happen?

I wanted to review how my resolutions are getting on after month one. So..

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No Added Sugar

So-so is how I would say this has gone in the past month. I have just had some Ben and Jerry’s… I haven’t been snacking on the bad stuff in the week anywhere near as much. The weekends I have been trying to limit my sweet treats to no more than three.. that’s where I’m struggling. “Can do better” is my note for Feb.

Start Each Day with a Glass of Water

I am super chuffed with this one. I have only missed this a couple of times. This is a big thing folks! I can quite easily go a whole day without a glass of water so I do really have to think about it and consciously remember to drink. “Keep up the good work” is my note for Feb.

Visit the Gym Three Time a Week

This has been happening – not with any kind of enthusiasm but it has been happening. Long may it continue and improve.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 6.34.15 pm

Mind My Money

This one I think has been helped along by making travel plans for next spring. We’ve never really committed to saving for a trip before, but Jack and I are saving to go to the USA for a few weeks next spring and as a result I have end January with some actual money in my actual savings account. Yay!

How has you’re first month of 2016 been?

New Year and a new resolve

Firstly: Happy New Year! I hope 2016 brings you happiness.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 11.43.40 am

I never used to attempt to set myself resolutions for new years. I assumed I would fail, so why bother starting. But really I’d been doing myself a deservice – surely it’s better to try and fail than not try at all.

With that in mind my 2016 resolutions are:

No Added Sugar

This one is definitely going to be a challenge for me. I am a chocolate addict and at the end of last year all my pre wedding good behaviour and weight loss had been undone by this.  Sugar is addictive folks – you don’t need me to tell you that! I’ve been reading a bit of Jack’s copy of I Quit Sugar for Life by Sarah Wilson, and she talks a bit about the science behind why we can’t / don’t feel the need to stop eating it. Our brain’s have “that’s enough” switches for carbs, protein and fats, but not sugar.

Start Each Day with a Glass of Water

Simple – but writing this post this morning has served as a reminder that I nearly missed this today, and it’s only day two!

Visit the Gym Three Times a Week

Again nothing groundbreaking here. I’ve been a gym member since joining with my encouraging old housemates back in 2012, and although I have continued to attend it has been with varying enthusiasm. I wouldn’t say there has been more than a 3 week period were I haven’t been but there definitely have been ups and downs and I hope to make 2016 more consistently up.

Not planning to be strict – 20 mins, or an hour sessions – they will all count.

Mind My Money

Being more conscious of how I am spending my money is the aim of this one. I have a bad habit of just popping in to H&M or grabbing a new piece of make-up from Boots rather than paying too much attention to a budget. No more – treating myself this year, will hopefully be about seeing my savings grow, rather than dipping into them.

What resolutions, if any, are you making this year? And do you have any advice on how I can stick with mine?

Gym Gym Gym

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 12.13.48 pmCan you tell what this post might be about? I’m so subtle with my titles : )

Gym is a place I never imagined I would be so often. I have a bit of a tumultuous relationship with it if I’m being frank, which apparently is my constant state. Sorry all! I love the feeling after a really energetic session, where I have miraculously found motivation from a Spotify playlist at 6:45am. But I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit to sometimes going for 20 mins and leaving again. Those days happen too.

What gets me through is :

  • Having had a good nights sleep the night before.
  • Having my gym kit ready to throw on in the morning.
  • A coffee for my walk to the gym with Rosie (checkout her blog) in my trusty Keep Cup (I had one of these critters sent from Australia for J before they were stocked in the UK: shoulda waited!)
  • An awesome playlist – Rosie shared her personal gym one with me and that is always my fall back at the moment.
  • Having an idea of what I want to do. I have a Pinterest board of working out things, so I try to take a snoop at that to get me motivated before leaving home in the morning.
  • Occasionally treating myself to new gym kit.

What works for you?


New Year starts in November for me

Or at least a resolution or two for the next year has started.

This time last year I challenged myself to start exercising more and began attending Zumba class once a week after eight years of no exercise. The classes I went to were instructed by Annelies Silverwood and were great fun. I went along with some friends and I guess you could say I gained confidence with regards to exercising with others ( I’d not experience that since PE at school).
After several months I looked into joining a gym, where I would be able to attend multiple classes and have access to more equipment but they all seemed so expensive. Thankfully by July some of my housemates decided they wanted to join a gym as well and one spotted a deal at LA fitness.

So I have gone from last october, doing no exercise to visiting the gym 5/6 times a week, to attend Zumba, Yoga, hellish Legs, Bums & Tums classes, as well as getting to grips with the cross trainer, bikes and something I’ve been told is called a grinder (for your arms).

Now it’s November again and I’ve got the work out down, but my eating habits are pretty bad. Chocolate all the time, whenever I fancy it. New rules are: only healthy snacking during the working week. So if I fancy a treat, it’s got to be nuts or seeds or fruit etc. I said a friendly farewell to sweets in the week last night; Halloween seemed an appropriate last hurrah.

I know that doesn’t seem like a massive diet change but the plan is for it to lead towards a diet change, in the same way taking up one class a week has lead to joining a gym and attending regularly.

Anyway, wish me luck!