Furry friends and festive fun with family and friends!

I love a spot of alliteration. Did you enjoy my title too? Probably not as much as me!

The last two weekends have been a lovely collection of activities. They were both wintery weekends packed with things to do but they were all very chilled.

The first Friday evening was spent keeping Fran’s lovely little kitties company whilst she was up in London town at a party. They have grown so so so much and have made quite firm friends with Fran’s christmas tree.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.39.23 am

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.39.52 am

Saturday afternoon was spent with my mother-in-law making Christmas wreaths. Melanie found some bargain kits from Laura Ashley in the sales after last Christmas and picked up a few.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.46.43 pm
Not bad for £4, eh?
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.40.29 am
We used leftover wreath pieces and hanging decorations to make tealight holders

Sunday afternoon I went for lunch with some of my favourite ladies at the Earth and Stars in the centre of Brighton. They do such delicious vegetarian roasts. No I did not take a photo of it. I ate it too quickly.

Afterwards we took a trip down to the Etsy Christmas Market that was going on, so many lovely stalls!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.47.06 pm
It was so so busy!

I bought such a cute decoration from Brighton Jewel‘s stall. It was like the inverse of the one I’ve linked and I love it.

Then back to work for the week, which included our team christmas party. My secret santa (Aisybee) got me the cutest palace pet, and some chocolate – which is long since eaten.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.11.11 pm

On this most recent Saturday morning I got up far too early and headed up to mid sussex to help my mum buy and decorate their tree and I think we picked a goodun’. It smells amazing, I know you can’t tell from the photo, but it does.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.11.28 pm
FYI new set of light this year from argos at a steal

On Saturday night we went to Duke’s at Komedia to watch Bridge of Spies, which is Tom Hanks’ new film, about a prisoner exchange during the cold war. I have to say I thought it was brilliant. It wasn’t a short film but I was captivated.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.25.31 pm

And then on Sunday Jack and I split up our tasks: he and his dad went over to my sisters to pick up the beautiful dresser about that she had kindly (and patiently) been storing for nearly a year, and I went into town to help his mum with her Christmas shopping. After our jobs were done we went for a gut busting all-you-can-eat at Bombay Aloo.

This week is my last week at work before a two week Christmas break and my plans include, posting the last of my Christmas cards, making mince pies and wrapping the last of my gifts, so keep an eye out for a fairly festive post coming later this week. Woo! Christmas!(What kind of Atheist am I, seriously!)

The Gifts

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves over the Christmas break, and are all as thrilled with the lovely things you might have recieved from your loved ones. I have been throughly spoilt, and am going to show off just a few of the very generous and awesome gifts I was lucky enough to be given.

The loop Candle stick Holder.

My lovely aunt gave J and I this, and I had actually been coveting it in England At Home (where it is available in store) only last week. It also available online at black-blum.com, who make it, and lots of other awesome things.

Instax Camera

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 16.42.40

My sister, Fran, is obviously keen on spoiling me because she gave my this amazing camera, which I have been annoying everyone with since!

Make your own Lampshade!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 16.54.55

J has clearly noticed that I am try to be a bit more crafty these days and has challenged me with this beaut. I think it’s also from England at Home.

Video Camera

To carry on with the documenting of life theme: Cam recorder from my parents, tripod and all. Wedding speeches will be caught for future viewing (for sober viewing).


I was given my very first ever yankee candle and my first white company candle. Our home is smelling all kinds of delicious at the moment. Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 16.07.04

Cath Kidston

My little brother gave me a gift card for Cath Kidtson, which I put towards some bedding that I have had my heart set on for about 5 years. Needless to say J is less than impressed with the floral theme, but is very forgiving!Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 16.43.00

Festive Flat

We’re moving, but I haven’t let that put a stop to our festive cheer.

This weekend I made wreaths with Js mum and little sister, and it was super fun. So here is a round up of all the festiveness going on round ours and what I got up to over the weekend.


I made some, and my very own mincemeat. The mincemeat recipe is Delia’s.


The Mince-pie Recipe…

 …was given to me by a J’s mum from a friend of a friend and I am going to share it with you all shortly, and wish you luck, I made this batch a bit too thick with the pastry, but it is the most delicious recipe.IMG_0211

Christmas Trees

I went Christmas Tree shopping with my mum at this amazing place, between Lindfield and Ardingly in West Sussex.

If you fancy heading there yourself, maybe next year if your tree is already up, here are the details:

sussextrees.co.uk  Goddenwick Farm,Ardingly Road, LindfieldIMG_0216

And this beaut below was our choice, and decorated by my fair hands. Good shape wouldn’t you say?


Wreath Making

Below you can see the lesser of my efforts, I forgot to photograph my table decoration before gifting it to my mum.

It was a wreath to go around a candle, and was so painstakingly made, that I couldn’t bear to try and move it this weekend when we move flats (did I mention we’re moving?).


Make it yourself: Pomander

I love a good, easy, crafty task, and Pomanders tick those boxes.

What you’ll need:

An orange (or similar)

Something to poke holes with (an old pencil works well)



You'll need

I decided to create a swirl, as you can see.


In Progress

Finished Pomander


I like to rest mine in my fruit bowl, to remind me to eat fruit, but you can hang yours, you’ll need some ribbon or string. I’ve also been known to rest them on a warm radiator, which wafts the delicious smell around your room.

*Tip: keep yours dry and away from old fruit and they should dry out and can be kept for years*