‘What a beautiful boy!’ directed at our daughter again and again and again…

While pregnant, Jack and I talked about kids clothing and toys a bit, and how one of the reasons we didn’t want to find out the gender of our baby was we didn’t want to be inundated with ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ clothes and toys as overly gendered things for kids just isn’t what we’re into.

Little did I realise quite how reliant on clothing others are in making assumptions about your child’s gender. For example, today Edie and I wandered around a Christmas market with my mum. Edie was wearing a cream animal hat, a navy jumper, white leggings with navy stripes and bright green socks and was front facing in our carrier. As we approached each stal,l on the whole, each stall holder made a complimentary comment toward ‘him’.

‘Oh! What a gorgeous boy!’

‘How handsome he is!’

‘Can I have a smile, little man?’

All well meaning, but when did navy and cream become gendered? I’ve gotten so used to it that I’ve actually stopped correcting people, but today (sorry everyone) I’ve renewed my sense of purpose. Colours, toys, jobs, and this world aren’t, or shouldn’t be gendered and I don’t want my children feeling that they are.

Image from mumcentral.com.au

If you aren’t sure, then…. ask. And if you are worried about offending, just saying ‘What a cutie!’ ‘Oh! How gorgeous are you!’ It’s super easy, no gender needed, because it’s not important, and shouldn’t define how you treat a child. That’s just my opinion of course, but she’s our daughter so thankfully that matters where she is concerned.

You can read more about gender stereotyping in childrenswear at Let Clothes Be Clothes and in toys over at Let Toys be Toys.

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