A little review: The Set

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and booked a table at The Set, which is based within The Artist Residence. It fell on a Monday night, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of busy-ness, and I have to say it had great atmosphere.

We were seated away from the kitchen, though some other couples were at the bar-like tables overlooking the chefs at work. Usually I’d be interested in that too, but it was pretty darn hot on Monday evening!

The way the menus work at The Set is, as you might have guessed, a selection of set menus detailing four courses in each. Being veggie I didn’t read my option in detail but simply went with the veg option of Menu 2. You can, I believe switch out the odd course if you are a fish eater.

The eating kicked off with an amuse-bouche, meat option: chicken nugget with homemade ketchup and a deconstructed caesar salad; veggie option was (if I recall) a sweetcorn croquet with homemade ketchup and a green tomato and sweetcorn salad. They gave us a hint of what was to come, and there is no photo because they disappeared almost immediately.

Next was a starter of peas, radishes and some sort of delicious garlic sauce, which we both agreed was an amazing dish and happily demolished.

Starter: Pea, radish, hummus, apricot


Then we were brought what I am going to refer to as our first main courses. Jack had…

Mackerel, summer squash, pig cheek

For my main I had…

Carrot, egg yolk, cornichon, mustard

Now, I did enjoy my first main,  but the yolk part I didn’t love. I am solidly a cooked yolk person.

Then for our second mains Jack had…

Lamb, BBQ, sweetcorn, green tomato

And I had…

Courgette, Caesar, preserved lemon, parmesan

Now I am not even that much of a courgette fan, but I loved this dish, it tasted amazing and the balance of flavours really worked! Good work guys!

Puddings for our chosen set menus were not my normal chocolate fest and certainly looked unusual, with mine featuring cucumber. But they too were delicious.

Peach, elderflower, honey, whey


Cereal milk, spelt granola, milk ice cream

And then, as it was our anniversary the kitchen sent out a third dessert for us to try. Wow. I am so glad we got to taste this. It’s my idea of food heaven!

Raspberry, milk chocolate, sorrel, cocoa nib


All in all it was an amazing meal and The Set had a wonderfully relaxed feel about it for a place serving up such scrumptious dishes. I’m sad that we haven’t visited sooner, as it’s only about a 5 minute walk from us and has been open for over a year now. “When can we go again?” is my next question!

Have you been to The Set, or have any recommendations for me?

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