‘Are you having a baby?’

Well then folks. That’s a question I’ve heard a lot in the past year. I wasn’t prepared for it.

Even these cute bears are upset by the question. (Available on Not on the highstreet)

Jack and I got married last July, and the number of people who have taken that as license to openly ask about our plans or lack there of for a family took me by surprise.

I am guilty of it too; in my younger days I excitedly made jokes at weddings about how soon we might all hear from the newlyweds about broodiness and babies. But I’ve long since learnt my lesson – don’t ask. If someone wants to talk to me about their hopes for their future family and their plans then they will.

Even my own brother has asked me TWICE in the last week if I am pregnant. No. I have simply been, and apparently obviously, tucking into too much ice-cream, or had a large lunch. (Which did prompt me to work a bit harder at the gym yesterday and today!)

My personal opinion on this is don’t ask, people will share news if they want to or have any. Asking in certain circumstances could even been hurtful, if a couple is struggling with fertility issues, or simply have alternative life plans that don’t include children.

Myself: I have more immediate plans, like enjoying living in central Brighton, and going out for dinner or to the flicks without forward planning. And getting some more long haul holidays out of the way! I’d say ask me again in a couple of years, but don’t. If I have news I want to share, I will.

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