May Favourites

Oh hi June! I’m still trying to wrap my head around how quickly time flies by as I get older! Where has the year gone! So, my current daily plans mean I actually have time to write up my favourites from last month on time! Silver linings and all that. If you’re wondering what I am wittering on about see my last post.

This might become a bit of a repurchase list to be honest, because some of these items are nearly finished.

Bryt Skincare Calm Serum

This was an impluse, panic purchase. The serum I last mentioned from the Balance Me range was sold out! I’m pretty glad it was; this serum was equally good for calming my breakouts. I highly recommend you give it a go.


Cracked Heel Foot Cream

The transition for cosy, comfy socks and sneaker combo to flipflops and sandals can be pretty tough on my heels, or make them pretty tough. Sorry if that’s an overshare. This stuff keeps them looking socially acceptable.


Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Yes, it does say nipple on the tube. Apparently the formula was developed for breast-feeding mums, but has also been re-purposed for lips. It’s bloomin’ brilliant, and it lasts for ages. There is none of the ‘finger-dipping’ dirt that you get in tubs/pots of balm.


Secret Garden Colouring Book

I can’t be limiting my favourites and I’m not sorry! This colouring book has been such a distraction of the past week; I’m certain I should feel more stressed than I do – but this thing is helping my brain relax.


If you haven’t seen it, have a read of my spring beauty favourites. I hope you’ve all had a good May and that June has begun well for you!

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