IKEA – Living Room Wishlist

Now, I’m not saying I want our living room to be entirely filled with IKEA items. But come one now. Look at how many lovely things they have this spring. Now if I could just magic up some home based spending money and a willing husband…

Plant Stand lantliv-plant-stand-white__0442719_PE593901_S4Granted my plants would all need to be “unkillable” succulent, hardy types as I am still not as green fingered as I would like but when you don’t have a garden and you like greenery this plant stand has got to be a helpful thing.


Please let this ArmChair make it's way into our home
Please let this Armchair make it’s way into our home
Along with the Sofa
Along with the Sofa

How comfy do these look! Add in some Netflix and some minstrels and that’d be my ideal lazy Sunday afternoon.

A bit of Privacymjolkort-curtains-pair-assorted-colours__0417384_PE574653_S4

When we first moved into our flat I enthusiastically took down the blinds the previous owner had left in the living room, and planned to update / make curtains. Over a year later I have learnt something: I don’t have the patience to make curtains. I want them to be done and to look good.

Now to save up…

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