Resolutions – How’s it going?

So folks – it’s the end of January! How the frick did that happen?

I wanted to review how my resolutions are getting on after month one. So..

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 6.39.25 pm

No Added Sugar

So-so is how I would say this has gone in the past month. I have just had some Ben and Jerry’s… I haven’t been snacking on the bad stuff in the week anywhere near as much. The weekends I have been trying to limit my sweet treats to no more than three.. that’s where I’m struggling. “Can do better” is my note for Feb.

Start Each Day with a Glass of Water

I am super chuffed with this one. I have only missed this a couple of times. This is a big thing folks! I can quite easily go a whole day without a glass of water so I do really have to think about it and consciously remember to drink. “Keep up the good work” is my note for Feb.

Visit the Gym Three Time a Week

This has been happening – not with any kind of enthusiasm but it has been happening. Long may it continue and improve.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 6.34.15 pm

Mind My Money

This one I think has been helped along by making travel plans for next spring. We’ve never really committed to saving for a trip before, but Jack and I are saving to go to the USA for a few weeks next spring and as a result I have end January with some actual money in my actual savings account. Yay!

How has you’re first month of 2016 been?

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