This may or may not be ok to say: I don’t love cats. It’s the claws. I am not saying they aren’t cute but when I think of cats I think “they scratch”. When happy, when pissed off, when playing. I don’t understand them like I do dogs.

That being said my sister has got some kittens, we picked them up on Saturday and they slept soundly in the car on the way back to Brighton. I am hoping that spending time with them will change my feelings. Jack would love a cat.


And there is no denying that as tiny kittens they are super duper cute.

This is Monty and Milo
Yes, that is a kitten asleep on my lap – can you believe it!
So tiny!
Brotherly love

So yes, I think maybe I could be a cat convert… We’ll have to see how I feel when they double, and then triple their current tiny sizes.

Do you have a favourite or less favourite animal?

One thought on “Kittens.

  1. Amanda November 13, 2015 / 3:27 pm

    I didn’t like cats until my sister finally convinced my mum about 12 years ago that we were going to get one… and I’ve never looked back. If you can find the right kitten/cat, they can be very affectionate and more “dog-like” in social nature, than the arrogant, “fuck off don’t bother me”-type of cats that a lot of people have a bad impression of.

    Your sister’s kittens are absolutely adoooorable!!!

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