I struggle with this one. I am such a lucky person: I have my health, my family, a lovely home and the list goes on but in life I am a secret or not so secret ‘glass half empty and why has someone else got more in theirs’ type person.

I recently read a couple of articles about keeping a gratitude journal and I think I might give it a go. I do have a diary. I usually only write in it when things are really getting me down so it doesn’t make for cheery reading and I like the idea of turning that around. Making my focus the good things that are going on.

Paperchase Notebook

I have a journal on the go from Paperchase from a few years back but I am currently coveting this lovely fabric floral one.

Anyway – not the point – I need no more stationary! I’ll let you know how I get on. Is there anything that you do regularly to try to be more positive?

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