Getting Hitched

If you didn’t know: We’re getting married this summer.

J and I will have been together six and a half years by the time I become his Mrs and he my Mr, but there are a lot of things I hadn’t thought about when it came to planning our wedding. (In spite of knowing about 5 and a half years ago that he was definitely the guy I wanted to annoy forever!)

  • Do we want confetti?Confetti
  • What do we want to hang as decorations in the marquee?marquee-decs
  • What is an appropriate gift for your parents to say thank you for “Everything”?
  • What Hymns do we want to sing?
  • Where do we need to get our banns read for our church wedding to be legal?
  • Do we need a license to have an event at my parents home?
  • What colour knickers should a bride wear?
  • Should I test waterproof makeup out in advance for effectiveness?

Engagement has been a wonderful, excessively happy time. But I have found myself at times overwhelmed with questions and the number of possible answers.

If I were giving advice to newly engaged couple it would be:
  • Don’t overcomplicate things.
  • Remind yourselves it just one day, and it’ll be lovely whatever you do: you’re marrying the person you love.
  • The path of least resistance might be worth taking. This one I have struggled with, and there have definitely been avoidable arguements as a result. Will it really matter if we ended up with bunting, or not having Pimms on the day…

Just remember to enjoy your engagement with each other!


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