Trying to Move: first time buyers

So the hot topic at the moment is: We’re trying to buy a flat.

I’ve learnt a lot that I think would have been useful to know before we started and here it is:

1. Don’t trust Estate Agents – Seriously.

They cannot be trusted, even the nice seeming ones. We have been lied to about available parking, there was none, it was advertised with. We have been talked into signing documents we shouldn’t have signed. We have had them send our papers to the wrong solicitors. Assume the worst is my advice.

2. Get a personal recommendation for a good Solicitor.

Because they are hard to come by, but don’t expect that personal recommendation to work out well. It’s all a bit a gamble still.

3. Let everyone know when you NEED to move by

That will inform your completion date, make sure you ignore your estate agents saying “Yes, of course that is fine!” They don’t know. You will need to check with your solicitor, who will speak with the seller’s solicitor.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, we want to be in before Christmas…

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