Save a life

So I donate blood, and as often as I can. I am always surprised by how few people I know actually have even ever thought about donating.

I was prompted to start donating when a friend of my sister and I was going through cancer treatment. Visiting her in hospital, I saw that she was hooked up having a blood transfusion. Until then it hadn’t occurred to me how many people need blood for so many different reasons.

Women can only donate every 4 months, and you have to be in good health and not have had any tattoos or piercings for 6 months, and if you’ve been on holiday somewhere exciting in the world, you might have to wait up to a year to donate.

What all those things add up to as far as I can tell is a shortage in donors. So could you help?


Today was my 12th donation, and I will be booking again for later this year. If you have any questions about donating there is lots of info here:

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