Parisian Holiday

I am planning my first adult, in charge of our own itinerary, holiday abroad. We went to Cornwall last year, drove down and stayed in a little town where some of my Uni friends are living at the moment. But this year, now feeling a little more confident, J and I are venturing off to Paris for a few days in July.

We have already argued about the importance of the quality and location of the hotel we choose. I want  comfortable, with a good location and decent reviews, and Jack isn’t so fussed, so long as it has a bed, and a bedside light to read his books by at night.

I’ve been pouring through websites offering all sorts of advice about what to do when you visit such an amazing city, cultural advice, where is the best restaurants etc.
My next task is to remind myself of some basic French language; I don’t want to be an offensive english tourist who’s made no effort to learn how to say ‘Merci beaucoup’

Our list of things to do is pretty obvious.The Eiffel Tower is pretty high up there, if you’ll forgive the appalling pun. Then a river tour and the Louvre. And everything really.

Expect photos.

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